The best tea strainer!

Hey All! Herbalist Chelsey Here!

As a huge tea lover, I make tea multiple times, every day. Since my products are loose leaf, a strainer is needed in order to enjoy the delicious tea I make!

With that being said, my top favorite tea strainer and what I use on a daily basis is a disposable tea bag. I have to be honest, I am extremely lazy when it comes to cleaning out my tea strainers. I always leave the tea sediment in the strainer and they get rusty all the time!

This is why I love this disposable tea bag. This disposable tea bag is made with Kraft Paper, so it does not contain any harsh micro-plastics like a lot of tea bags have. Plus, if you compost, like I do, you can just throw the whole tea bag, herbs and all, in the compost bin! It is a win-win for everyone!

Personally, I have these tea bags on re-occurring from Amazon so I can always have them on hand.

Please check out the disposable tea bags that I get here:

Regular Disposable Tea Bags

I use these for tea amounts of 8 oz. to up to 20 oz.

Looking to make up to a gallon of tea? Check out these larger tea bags options:

Large Disposable Tea Bags

I use these larger tea bags to make 1/2 gallon to a gallon of tea.

Take what resonates for you! And enjoy your tea however you brew it :D

*Please note: I receive compensation from Amazon from their affiliate program for any purchases from the product links.

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